Edu-Revolution's Author

The classroom of the future

will need to reflect experiences

in the context of Real Life Learning.

I am passionate, creative, hard working, and dedicated in everything I put my mind to. I went to Seton Hall University and double majored in Elementary/Special Education and Mathematics. There, I realized my passion and purpose in life is to teach, support, help, guide, and inspire children.

Currently, I am a 5th grade Special Ed. Teacher P.S. 108Q. I have also taught Math after school to third grade students twice a week (2017-2018) and spearheaded our school's first ever Student Council for grades 3-5 (2018-2020).

Aside from being in the classroom, I am also a published author. My book, Self Studies, is a self-guided social/emotional journal to help empower students to be the best version of themselves. This workbook contains different activities, prompts, and reflections to encourage students to be more mindful of their current life practices, help with self-awareness, and develop interpersonal awareness. 

Ultimately, with my many ideas and innovations, I am looking to challenge, change and revolutionize the world of education.